The Future CEO: Fostering Business Survival and Growth by Responding to Disruption

Over the course of 2019, Holmes Noble sat down with over 60 senior leaders from a number of sectors to discuss the evolving role of the CEO. From our research, we were able to glean some truly enlightening insights into the world of the modern Chief Exec- which in recent months have proven to be even more crucial as senior leaders have been forced to diversify in their response to Covid-19.

With so much rich commentary on the nature of the CEO, we have decided to publish a series of papers, with our first entitled ‘The Future CEO: fostering business survival and growth by responding to disruption’, which explores the impact of a changing environment on leadership.

Within the paper we discuss the impact of social media and technology on the role of the CEO; the relevance of evolving leadership models, specifically autonomous leadership; and how to implement successful crisis management- which we have consistently applied to the real-life challenges facing business today.

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