A Leaders Outlook –The Challenges Faced Today & In The Future

There are few sectors which have experienced the level of volatility and challenge as logistics and supply chain has. Global supply chain disruption, an aging workforce, technological advancements and current inflationary pressures means leaders are navigating their businesses through a myriad of crises whilst ensuring they remain future proof. Furthermore, these challenges do not appear to be subsiding and it’s expected that leaders will face challenges which are not so obvious or on the horizon.

Over the last six months Tom Graham, Partner and lead of the Global Logistics & Supply Chain Practice has been gaining insights and perspectives of CEOs, Managing Directors and business leaders of SME and multi-national logistics organisations, to understand how market conditions are impacting their business objectives and strategies today, whilst gaining an appreciation of the longer-term challenges they believe the industry may face in the future.

Topics such as technology, ESG and talent were discussed along with what concerns they have for the industry over the coming years.