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We are producing more than ever before – and innovation and new technologies are on the agenda. With focuses on smart factories, AI, and data-driven performance, the industrial sector is constantly setting new standards. Having lean, efficient, and productive manufacturing should be your main focus. We make sure you have the best people in place to make it happen. With candidates that understand your business, we future-proof your production.

Industrial executive search

Aerospace & Defence

The aerospace & defence sector has a focus on creating groundbreaking solutions – and this is not slowing down. To be ahead of the curve, the A&D sector is developing transformational technologies to venture into new markets. Pioneering innovations are the core of your business – your people should be trailblazers with a drive to stand out. We help you find the talent that can keep up with your pace and deliver cutting-edge solutions.

Our industry sectors - aerospace and defence


Trends in technology and micromobility will change the way we think about transport. With evolving demand from the customer, and the focus on environmentally friendly solutions, it is crucial that you stay agile. We go beyond the ordinary and secure success-hungry talent that will help solve your challenges head on. Working with you, we make sure you have the best talent in the market. With a unique approach to search, you get first-class candidates.

Transport executive search


With ever-changing demand it can be difficult to predict society’s needs in a few days, years, or decades. The focus has shifted to multipurpose infrastructure as people change the way they live and work – and you need to stay agile to adapt. We help you keep up with complex challenges. With strong sector insights, we provide talent that brings remarkable results on time, every time. 

Infrastructure sector executive search


The energy sector is constantly seeing new innovations and technologies to tackle the need for sustainable alternatives. With AI, advanced engineering, and the Internet of Energy, it’s a sector that will make big moves. Talent challenges means we have to be creative in our approach. We think outside the box to connect you with the talent that will help maximise your business’ potential. Get ready for the future with the right people strategy. 

Finding the right talent for Energy, Transport, Infrastructure

Supply Chain & Logistics

A demand for automation and real-time data means businesses need to stay agile. The push to evolve the industry with digital solutions, means disruptive organisations are constantly changing the way we think about technology. Accelerate your operation with an original approach. We will help you be lean, agile, and cost effective with candidates that are customer centric. With the right people in place, you will stay competitive in a fierce market.

Talent search for supply chain and logistics

Private Equity & Venture Capital

Where you are putting your investment will shape the dominant companies and industries in the future. To be a disruptive player, you need to have a clear understanding of who and what you want to impact to make a difference. With solid insights into your market, we help you drive change within the business landscape. We support by bringing strong leaders and game changing talent to drive value and return in your portfolio companies.

Executive search for private equity and venture capital

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