Case Study: Germany-based OEM Supplier

“We gave Holmes Noble a hard task to identify a very specific skill set that we needed in our team. The process was thorough but also done with speed, in fact the very first candidate identified within only a few weeks ended up being the hired candidate. The attention to detail and personal approach of the whole team was very impressive, I look forward to further collaborations.”

– Assistant General Manager



What was the challenge?

The client was one of the big tier one OEM suppliers, delivering everything from chassis to steering wheels, and LED frames. Serving the industry’s biggest names, it is a multi-billion dollar company with manufacturing facilities all over the world. Holmes Noble was brought in to fill a Germany-based role with extremely specific technical requirements which no longer existed in Europe. The client needed a niche technical skill set to accelerate its manufacturing capabilities. Having previously successfully placed a number of roles, we were asked to help with this critical hire.


Holmes Noble Germany-based OEM Supplier

The company wanted to hire an expert in the electronics manufacturing industry. It was looking for a driven, hands-on processing engineer to work in a clean room environment. Ensuring the candidate was the right cultural fit for the organisation was also extremely important. This resulted in a complex interview process, involving multiple rounds of virtual interviews and meetings.

What did we do?

We talent mapped the top smart tech manufacturers to locate the world’s leading specialists, predominantly based in the Asia-Pacific region. Candidates were offered the opportunity to use their specific skill set to elevate the manufacturing team, as well as relocating to Europe which opens up exciting career progression opportunities. As the client prioritised the cultural fit of the candidate, it was important they were aware of the realities of moving to a manufacturing town in rural Germany. The complex nature of this recruitment process meant that we worked closely, cultivating strong relationships between the two organisations, allowing us to work efficiently together.

Holmes Noble Germany-based OEM supplier

What were the results?

Holmes Noble hit the nail on the head with its search. The specificity of the technical brief allowed the search team to define the character it was looking for. The successful candidate was the first interviewee, and proved to be the right fit for the company. It showed great commitment to the candidate, organising the legal framework for their relocation from the Philippines to Germany. The successful candidate was brought to Germany for five days to meet the team, visit the local area and showcase their skills.

The process, and clear communication between Holmes Noble and the client company meant that the candidate was placed within a record-time of three months. The speed and success of this recruitment process allowed the client to strengthen and maximise its manufacturing capabilities, and will enable them to achieve new levels of output. 


Holmes Noble Germany-based OEM supplier

From the beginning of this complex assignment the team at Homes Noble took the time to really understand our requirements and our culture in our business. There was a reassuring detail in their approach, mapping a complex candidate market, across different time zones and engaging with highly skilled and relevant candidates. I also found that the logistics involved in managing the process, and the flow of information was very professional, and very client focussed.


HR Manager