Jayvee Vendiola

Senior Researcher

Jayvee strengthens and supports our clients with his expertise, adaptability, and openness. As a key member of the research team, he utilizes his expertise to deliver exceptional market insights to our customers. By developing creative solutions, Jayvee ensures that our clients can transform their businesses with diverse and dynamic teams.

He has worked in the Global Recruitment Process Outsourcing industry for over six years, focusing on sectors such as Engineering, Advertising and Media, Information Technology, Corporate Executive, Finance, Procurement, Supply Chain and Logistics, Fast-Moving Consumer Goods, Human Resources, Marketing, and other niche roles across different regions in EMEA, US, ANZ, and APAC. Being an expert in global recruiting is highly specialized and niche, and he provided insight into organizations with complex field operations, introducing new perspectives on delivering the highest possible results for our clients. With extensive experience producing and managing research for various recruitment and professional search firms, Jayvee has also led internal recruitment for a company specializing in outsourcing business processes. His skills in resourcing have been instrumental in shaping his career in this industry, allowing him to navigate the complexities of global recruitment effectively.