6 Things to Consider when Recruiting in Times of Uncertainty

Recruitment in the current climate has proven extremely challenging for many businesses, with social distancing measures resulting in less interaction between employer and prospective employee. But whilst some businesses have put a pause on recruitment entirely, others have seen an increase in activity. In fact, according to Alex Fleming, Country Head and President of Staffing and Solutions at the Adecco Group, “nearly half (49 percent) of UK employers are planning to recruit over the next three months, which could be an indication that businesses are reshaping for the future.” Because of this, there will be a need for businesses to adapt their current recruitment practices in order to account for social distancing guidelines, along with many other factors. However, with all these changes, businesses need to ensure not to compromise on the quality of the recruitment process to guarantee that the right people, with the right skills and capabilities, are being placed in the right roles, regardless of the uncertainty that currently permeates the workplace.